Can you code on a Chromebook?


Yes! There are online options like Code Sandbox and VS Code can be installed locally on newer chromebooks.

How to program on a Chromebook

Online editors

The lowest barrier to entry for coding that can be done on any device connected to a web browser is to use one of the many available online editors. They all have different offerings, but these are some of my favorites:

Code Sandbox

Code Sandbox is a great option if you'd like to use your chromebook for web development. Code Sandbox offers the ability to work with many JavaScript frameworks including Vue, React, and even Node.js! is going to be the option for you if you're looking to try out other languages than JavaScript - my recommendation is to try out Python!


Codepen is the go-to if you want to try something in HTML/CSS/JS! It's great for creating small samples or concepts and includes the ability to pull in external packages! Repository Web Editor

If you're familiar with from my git introduction posts you may want to try out the editor - just replace with in the URL of any repository and a web-based VS Code editor will load up the repository for you!

Installing VS Code

If you'd rather install VS Code as a local code editor, you can do so by enabling Linux on your compatible chromebook, then installing the official package

If you'd like more details about installing VS Code on a Chromebook, I have a more detailed post you can read

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