I am a front-end web developer building internal web applications and workflows. Outside of work I spend my time playing games and photographing pets.

My Projects

Gridsome Tailwind + Markdown Starter

Gridsome Starter project to quickly create a blog using Tailwind & Markdown, including a built in blog post for getting started. SEO, Canonical URL, and Twitter Share Cards are included out of the box.

  • Tailwind

  • Markdown

  • Gridsome

Free Gradient Sampler

Gradient Sampler utilizing Vuetify to pick 2 colors which are sampled into a gradient with a button to quickly copy the CSS

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Vue.js

Accessible Theme Sampler

Open source theme selector to demo acessible color contrast themes. Used as part of a blog post to walk through making a Pull Request.

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Vue.js


My drink of choice is coffee. If you'd like to help power my next project you can buy me a Cafe Mocha here (And also there will be bonus dog pics!):

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