Ellie | Husky mix

Despite spending most of her days huffing and puffing about her adopted younger sister, Luna, Ellie is an adorable sweetheart that loves to lounge around outside in the sun and steal all the pets that she can from any nearby humans.


  • Sleeping in the sun
  • Zooming through the snow
  • Huffing and puffing like an old man

More about Ellie

If you were planning to sit on the floor, I hope you were planning to have a 50 pound fluffball joining you and demanding at least 1 of your hands' attention! The way most dogs feel about food is the way Ellie feels about attention from the nearest human - there is never enough! And you better believe you are not allowed to offer attention to any of the other nearby animals without getting glared at with the most jealous sideye.

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