💻 Computer

  • Daily Driver - Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 (Silver)
  • On the move - Google Pixelbook

📱 Phone

I've always been a huge fan of Android - My current daily driver is a Samsung Note 10 💕

📷 Camera

I recently upgraded from a Sony a390 to a Sony a7ii and have loved it! Currently rocking a Sony f/1.8 50mm and Tamron f/4.5-6.3 70-300mm

👩‍💻 Coding


After a long time using Hyper, I've migrated to the updated Windows Terminal & Powershell.

VS Code

You can find my VS Code setting on my GitHub useful-snippets repo. ✨Fairyfloss✨ theme 💕 - Thanks Ali for getting me hooked!

🎧 Headphones

I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - I don't think these are good for everyone however, especially if you have small ears.

👀 Stream

I haven't really been streaming recently - but this is what I've been using when I do:

  • StreamLabs OBS as a main driver
  • StreamElements for custom overlay widgets
  • Ring light as main light source
  • LumeCube as a fill light
  • Giant piece of felt as a greenscreen
  • Blackout Curtains
  • GT Racing Chair
  • Elgato Stream Deck